Chance the Rapper, Black Twitter & the Golden Girls Made the Internet Great this Week

Some days the internet can be wonderful place. Yesterday was one of those days, thanks to Chance the Rapper, the Golden Girls and Black Twitter. Why, you ask? On Tuesday, Chance resurrected one of 2016's greatest internet videos, in search of what we can only hope is the next great collaboration between him and an up and coming creator.  Here's the backstory: 

One of my absolute favorite videos/internet memes of 2016 was this 15 second clip of a then unknown-to-many guy with the Instagram handle @finally_aaron singing over the Golden Girls theme song:

The Golden Girls was one of the iconic shows of my childhood. I've probably seen every episode multiple times. Every time I hear those opening chords and "Thank you for being a frieeeeeeend...." it takes me back to the time of trapper keepers, slap wrist bracelets and a bills-free life. Blanche, Rose, Sophia and Dorothy were my grandmas in my head and they made getting older seem hilarious and cool. 

The theme song itself generally puts me in a happy place. @FinallyAaron's church riffs just made it that much better. His voice is amazing and I listened to his version an embarrassing number of times. I wish he had a full iTunes download available - it would make an amazing ringtone for any BFF. 

At any rate, in 2016 the clip went viral and made its way around the internet as these things do, though most people didn't necessarily know who @Finally_Aaron was or see the video attached to his name (because creators easily and often get lost in the constant downloading and sharing of stuff online). As it turns out, @Finally_Aaron's real name is Aaron Scott and he actually had created a longer 40+ second version of the theme song in November 2015:

The viral video got some good press from places like Vibe and Buzzfeed. But, it doesn't seem that many opportunities came for Aaron after that - at least from what I could find online.

That is, until yesterday, when Chance the Rapper (yes, the Grammy-winning, recording-breaking, industry-changing Chance the Rapper) tweeted:

In no time at all, Black Twitter located Aaron and sent his information to Chance:

Aaron's response was adorably shocked:

Black Twitter must have been frantically @'ing Aaron, who apparently was at work, and not on Twitter, as this discussion was happening online. 

Apparently Chance wanted to send Aaron a direct message, but he couldn't because Aaron doesn't follow him on Twitter, LOL. 

At any rate, I hope wonderful things come out of this potential partnership - I'd gladly pay $1.29 for a full version of a Golden Girls remix with these two. I think the entire internet would celebrate. PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN, Chance and Aaron!