Gerrymandering - why getting out the vote isn't enough

Yes - it is important to vote and get engaged in the political process. People on both sides of the aisle are readying themselves for the 2018 midterm elections and looking forward to 2020 also. People are resisting, making America great again, getting out the vote, rocking the vote, and everything in between. I imagine this is because many Americans (myself included) didn't feel like their interests were appropriately represented in the most recent election.

As such, lots of folks from many backgrounds are organizing, developing platforms, and identifying who the next candidates should be. The Collective PAC has developed an impressive "campaign to recruit, train, fund and elect 45 progressive black candidates in 2017 & 2018." Apparently the GOP has even christened Kid Rock, yes that Kid Rock, as a potential 2018 Senate candidate.

But, one point I'd like to raise as we are frantically figuring out next steps is that no matter how much rocking the vote we do, how many registration drives we have, or how many election protection laws we propose, much of those efforts pale in comparison to dealing with the issue of gerrymandering.

What is gerrymandering, you ask? See the video below.

I posted a short-ish Twitter thread about this topic today that I thought would be worth sharing elsewhere. See below.

I know I'll lose some of you by citing Mr. Obama, but seriously - we should all want a political system that better reflects our real views, not what some politicians have decided we should care about.