#PopCultureClass: Insecure - Season 1 Episode 3 (Racist as F**k)

The heart of this episode, titled Racist as F**k, is, of course, racism, which I could write a dissertation about. I did tweet a little bit about being the only POC in the workplace, but hidden in this episode are also some gems about trademark and copyright law. Here are some of the lessons I learned from this episode: 

Lesson #1: Being Diverse Rocks

Lesson #2: Create a Trademark Portfolio

Lesson #3: Your Work Can Be Copyrighted in Multiple Ways

I've included my twitter thoughts for the #PopCultureClass from Season 1, Episode 2 of Insecure below. You can also check them out on Storify.

My favorite lesson here is about brand protection. Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority is doing a good job of making sure it owns its brand and messaging. Too many businesses, especially those run by POC, make the mistake of not seeing the value in words, symbols and phrases. Many of the largest corporate valuations are based, in part at least, on intellectual property like trademarks. We have to start recognizing our value.

What's your favorite message from this episode?