#PopCultureClass: It's the Last Day of Class and President Professor Obama Just Schooled Us

Like millions of other people, I sat through President Barack Obama's masterful farewell address a mere ten days before a new president is to take office. It was, in a word, brilliant. The speech was perhaps the one I've been waiting on since 2008. There were so many teachable moments that I imagine pundits, scholars, and err-body with a blog will analyze in the coming days, months and years.

POTUS delivered a poignant and personal address to the American people. This post is dedicated to the business and entrepreneurship lessons that I gathered from the address. Here they are:

Lesson #1: Say Thank You First...

Lesson #2: Keep it Simple.

Lesson #3: Get Yourself a Joe Biden.

Lesson #4: Shake Off the Haters.

Lesson #5: Entrepreneurin' Ain't Easy.

Lesson #6: Find Greatness in Everything.

Lesson #7: Make it About Others, Not You.

Lesson #8: Get It How You Live.

Lesson #9: Help Problems, Not Just People.

Lesson #10: Don't Rely Solely on Your Past.

Lesson #1 (again): ...and Say Thank You Last.

I've included my tweets about these lessons below. You can also find them on Storify by clicking here.

My favorite lesson above has to be "Get yourself a Joe Biden." Everyone needs a business coach/friend/supporter who will ride or die with you from day one. It seems that the President and Vice President have that kind of relationship.

What was your favorite lesson from above? Let me know below.