#PopCultureClass: Making Oprah, Episode 1 (No Strategy, No Plan, No Formula) Recap

The first episode of Making Oprah certainly lived up to the expectations I shared a while back. The episode walks through the early days of Oprah's career, including her days before The Oprah Winfrey Show. If you'd like to listen to it, you can find it over at WBEZ's website by clicking here.

I tweeted a lot during this episode, so I've tried to include only what is relevant for life, entrepreneurship and/or intellectual property. Here are the lessons I learned listening to this first episode:

Lesson #1: Build an Empire AND Respect

Lesson #2: Jumping Isn't Risky if You're Jumping Into Your Purpose

Lesson #3: Read Your Contracts

Lesson #4: Be Yourself - Everyone Else is Taken

Lesson #5: Share Your Dreams With Those You Trust

Lesson #6: Don't Try to Take Yourself Out of the Game

Lesson #7: Where You Are Doesn't Have to Be Where You Stay

Lesson #8: Keep Moving Forward

Lesson #9: Identify Your Ideal Customer & Make Things for Him/Her/It

Lesson #10: Make Everything and Advantage, Even Your Flaws

Lesson #11: Appreciate Your Customers and Audience

I've included my tweets about these lessons below. You can also find them on Storify by clicking here.

My favorite tweets from above are actually two combined points: "Do good work. Be good to people. Talk about your dreams with those you trust. And watch what God does with that. Even a not-so-good audition video landed Oprah the job."

If you listened to Episode 1, No Strategy, No Plan, No Formula, what was your favorite lesson? Let me know below.