#PopCultureClass: Making Oprah, Episode 3 (You Get a Car!) Recap

Episode 3 of the Making Oprah podcast, You Get a Car!, is all about disruption. This woman changed the face of media by innovating and doing bigger and better things than anyone in the game at that time (or since). The episode where she gave away cars to the entire audience became iconic, and this third part of the podcast series walks through how the show's team came up with the many BIG ideas they pulled off masterfully.

Here are the life, business and entrepreneurship lessons I took from this episode: 

Lesson #1: Have a vision and memorialize it.

Lesson #2: Big dreams lead to big results.

Lesson #3: Be yourself.

Lesson #4: Work with people who see your vision.

Lesson #5: Respect your audience.

Lesson #6: Be intentional in everything.

Lesson #7: Drive your own vision. Don't turn over the keys to someone else.

Lesson #8: Move on when you're ready, and not a moment later.

I've included my tweets about these lessons below. You can also find them on Storify by clicking here.

My favorite lesson from above is "Big dreams lead to big results." I've heard Oprah say many times that God could dream a bigger dream for her than she could for herself and that she allowed herself to just be the vessel through which He displayed His vision. I've seen this in my own life many times. I'll be excited about getting in door of a meeting, not realizing that God is setting me up to own the entire building.

What is your favorite lesson? Let me know below.