#PopCultureClass: Queen Sugar- Season 1, Episode 101 (First Things First)

I mentioned a while back that I had a binge-watching day and made the tough decision of choosing Insecure for that day instead of Queen Sugar. Well, I couldn't resist starting the process of watching Queen Sugar, though I don't foresee any time to spend an entire day with it. I started (obviously) with the first episode, which definitely explained the show's popularity and huge following. The episode was visually and emotionally amazing. And it had some great life and entrepreneurship lessons to teach.

This episode, titled First Things First, offered a ton of useful stuff about relationships that exist in business. Whether you are a solopreneuer or head of a billion dollar company, your business is ultimately about people. People buy your products, hire you for projects, and oftentimes support your business through their own offerings (think about your web designer, manufacturer, or accountant). This makes interpersonal relationships all the more important. Ava DuVernay has cracked a lot codes with Queen Sugar, including getting at the heart of what makes business relationships succeed or fail. 

I've included my twitter thoughts for the #PopCultureClass from Season 1, Episode 101 of Queen Sugar below. You can also find them on Storify by clicking here.

My favorite tweet from above is the that reads, "A shiny website and high res photos don't = a successful business. Real work/grinding/receipts do." What was your favorite lesson from this episode?