#PopCultureClass: Queen Sugar- Season 1, Episode 103 (Thy Will Be Done) Recap

Thy Will Be Done, Episode 103 of Queen Sugar, continues the saga of the Bordelon siblings as they try to decide whether to keep the family farm business or sell it. The family's recently-deceased patriarch, Pops, held a strong belief that ownership of the land and family farm provided a source of pride and freedom. His will suggests that he wants his children to keep the family farming business alive after he is gone. Now the kids have to decide whether to sell the business or take on the monumental task of an entrepreneurial endeavor they didn't ask for.

There's a ton of context in the episode about the plight of black farmers in the United States. As someone said on twitter, There's so much "THERE" there!  I made a few notes to go research heir land and testamentary gifts. The law and practice around this land is sad, interesting, and maddening. But, of course, this series isn't necessarily about that (though there's a lot of business impact tied to the practice of taking advantage of those in distress).

This series outlines the business and entrepreneurship lessons that can be taken from the episode via my Twitter account. Here's what I took from episode 103:

Lesson #1: Build Something that Provides Generational Wealth.

Lesson #2: Do Your Research Before Buying/Selling a Business.

Lesson #3: Your Circumstances May Force You to Wait.

Lesson #4: Form a Good Team.

Lesson #5: Own Your Dream.

Lesson #6: In Addition to Everything Else, Have a Soul.

Lesson #7: Get it in Writing, Even With Family.

I've included my twitter thoughts for the #PopCultureClass lessons from Season 1, Episode 102 of Queen Sugar below. You can also check them out on Storify.

I'm most moved by the lesson of building generational wealth. I learned during this episode that +60% of the Forbes 400 inherited its business/wealth. That's incredible. The more we begin building companies that provide resources for not just ourselves but our families, the more impact our offspring can have in the world.

What's your favorite lesson? Please let me know below.