#PopCultureClass: The New Edition Story on BET - Part 1 of 3

I cannot tell ya'll how much I loved New Edition back in the day. They were the first concert I attended back in 1980-whatever - my parents still have the pic I took with my cousin and mom at the show (yes, my mom took us - we were babies!). Gotta see if I can find that. 

Needless to say, I was excited when I learned that BET would be airing a three part biopic about the group's creation and rise to fame. If you're unfamiliar with the group or series, here's the extended promo for the BET biopic:

The first part of the series aired tonight. I had brushed up on song lyrics and was ready to sing and perform to the hits the way my cousins, siblings and I did as kids. BET delivered in a big way this time. I thought Part 1 was incredible -- from the Lil New Edition casting, to the soundtrack, to the imagery and everything else. I also was glad that there were many #majorkeys about business, entrepreneurship, and intellectual property throughout the episode.

Without being too much of a stan, I did manage to live tweet some of the lessons I learned from Part 1. Here's the summary:

Lesson #1: Build a dream team to support you when you slip up.

Lesson #2(a): You can emulate & learn from the greatest...

Lesson #2(b): ...but bring your own self into whatever you do.

Lesson #3: Dream big and ask big.

Lesson #4: Stay on.

Lesson #5: Own your brand.

Lesson #6: Opportunity and experience can be worth more than money.

Lesson #7: Close your big ass mouth and open your big ass ears.

Lesson #8: Sometimes relationships matter more than individual success.

Lesson #9: Read your contracts & build a team who understands them (and you).

Lesson #10: Learn from the mistakes of others.

I've included my twitter thoughts for the #PopCultureClass from Part 1 of the The New Edition Story below. You can also check them out on Storify.

My favorite lesson from above is a quote from the movie - "If you can't perform when it's hot, then you can't perform." So very true. It is most difficult to perform when you're uncomfortable, but it can also be the most gratifying and lead to the greatest success (whether personal or professional).

What is your favorite lesson? Let me know below!