#PopCultureClass: What Businesses and Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Mariah Carey's New Year's Eve Performance

Like many black families, it is usually my family's tradition to go to church for watch night service on New Year's Eve. Last night, however, we ended up not going for a few reasons. Most of us, instead, were up watching Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve just before midnight. Like many people, I rode a wave of hilarious emotions watching Mariah Carey's performance. 

It was obvious that her earpieces stopped working or something, and it seemed that she basically gave up trying to give anything remotely close to a full performance. I went from entertained (cause at first it was funny), to confused (cause why would an industry veteran just throw in the whole entire towel in front of millions of viewers), to sad (cause RIP to 2016 but hopefully not Mariah's public performance career). 

As I was watching, I started thinking that a lot of entrepreneurs could learn from this moment. I live tweeted some of my observations last night. I've included those tweets below. If you can't see them here, you can check them out on Storify.

For all the people out there laughing about Mariah Carey this morning, it seems like she's still winning. Let that be a lesson for your business! Win even when you lose.