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Other Ways to Get Out of the Hood - Since Your Kid Probably Isn't Going to the Pros

I've had a few discussions about the significant, and seemingly growing, emphasis that many people place on professional sports in the lives of kids - especially in the African-American community. These discussions made me curious about the actual statistics on how many people actually make it to the pros. The results were even more stark than I thought. 

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Celebrity voices are powerful, but does the First Amendment let them say anything they want?

When NFL player Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand for the national anthem, or the cast of the Broadway musical “Hamilton” confronts the vice president-elect, or the Dixie Chicks speak out against war, talk quickly turns to freedom of speech. Most Americans assume they have a constitutional guarantee to express themselves as they wish, on whatever topics they wish. But how protected by the First Amendment are public figures when they engage in political protest?

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