Educator. Attorney. Speaker. Writer. Strategist.

Connecting People to Content, Solutions & Resources.

The common thread in all of my work is the desire to both learn and educate. Whether I am writing about the law, speaking about building a personal brand, or strategizing about entrepreneurship, I work closely with, and extensively research, each client and use my unique perspective to personalize each engagement. Because of this, my work resonates with audiences and provides new, fresh ways of thinking about things.

I work with schools, conference/event organizers, and media platforms to deliver high-quality content that inspires, motivates, and educates.


Praise for My Work



I have spoken at various conferences and events, including SXSW, SXSWEDU, TEDxAtlanta, the Association of Women Inventors and Entrepreneurs Conference, Youth Entrepreneurship South Carolina, LadyLike, and the Jackie Robinson Foundation Mentoring and Leadership Conference. I’ve also been a presenter for attorney CLE events sponsored by state and specialty bar organizations, including the Midwest Intellectual Property Institute, Iowa State Bar Association, American Bar Association Section of Intellectual Property Law Intellectual Property Law, and Association of Intellectual Property Firms.

I am passionate about connecting people to the information they need, and I specialize in de-complicating tough issues using relatable connection points.

You can find a list of my past and upcoming speaking engagements by clicking this link.


Some of my signature presentations include:

  • Cultivating a Personal Brand to be Proud Of

  • How Entrepreneurs Can Leverage Blockchain Technology

  • Using Intellectual Property Law to Pursue Social Justice

  • The Science of Why Things Go Viral

  • How Memes Are Changing the World

  • The History of Black Inventors in the United States

  • Finding Personal and Professional Success

  • The Changing Faces of Entrepreneurship 

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I have spent a significant portion of my career in higher education and am comfortable speaking to all levels of students and faculty, from K-12 through the college/university level. I have spoken at schools around the United States and in places like England, France, China, and Haiti.  


Connecting with students has changed incredibly over time—between cell phones, short attention spans, and access to the world via the internet, it takes a specially cultivated conversation to connect with young people on a meaningful level. It also requires working knowledge of social media, Fortnite, and new technology. I can help students see not just how these things connect them to their immediate circles, but also the world.

Topics I can speak to students about include:

  • Social Media Literacy

  • Entrepreneurship for All Ages

  • Paying for College

  • Finding Your Passion


I have held academic roles at all levels: including fellowships, assistant/associate/full professor, named chair, and university-level administration. As a scholar and teacher, I have particular expertise in connecting academic scholarship to public outlets.

Topics I can speak to faculty about include:

  • Publicizing Your Research

  • Navigating the Tenure and Promotion Process

  • Bouncing Back from Missteps in Academia

  • Telling Your Story

  • How to Get the Most out of a Scholarly Agenda

  • Being a Person of Color in the Academy

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My writings have appeared in Fortune, Newsweek, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, the Smithsonian Magazine, and The Conversation, among other places. I have also served as a guest blogger and commentator at faculty-oriented sites like Inside Higher Ed and The Faculty Lounge. I have also done television, radio, digital and print interviews and appearances. Check out my full list of media articles here.

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If you’d like to work together, send a message through the contact page at this link.